1St 20Y

The first 20 years of Occhio. To celebrate the anniversary of Occhio a coffee table book chronicles the products and the processes behind the scenes. Prior to the development of the book a pop-up exhibition put the archives on display for the founding partners to contribute to the book's content.

Client Occhio
DetailsThe book was published in an edition of 10 in gold for the early employees and founders. Additionally an edition of 5000 bound with black linen was sent to Occhio partners for Christmas 2019.
RoleI had a diverse and supervising role at this project. Being responsible for the concept I was planning and managing the pop-up exhibition and was working with photographers and a 3D artist on content creation.
3D Book Rendering
Chris Faber
Photo Documentation
Ramon Haindl
Film Documentation
Marcus Lehmann
Studio Photography
Pop-up Exhibition

The team of the first hour came together to reminisce and celebrate the first 20 years of Occhio.

Coffee table Book

Cover in textured gold paper
characteristic light cones embossed

300 pages, 420x300mm, 2.5kg

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