the highrise

A sky scraper uniting all applications for Occhio – one showroom, seven scenes. A lobby, restaurant, roof top, bar-area, co-working space and the lounge area became part of the program for one-on-one sales meetings, dinner, drinks and party.

Client Occhio
Partner 1zu33
DetailsEntirely shot in Tarragona, Spain the campaign features Occhio's highlight product Mito in two variations. The circular product range stands for the expressive dancer, the linear for the purist architect.
roleBesides design work for print communication I was responsible for the  iPad sales app for the Occhio representatives at the booth and interactive screens on the facades. Also I planned, managed and art-directed a social media content shooting.
Architecture Photos
Robert Sprang
packaging/people photos
Alexander Kilian

VIP Invitation

Interactive exhibition app for sales representatives

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